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Eyelash Extensions

The tech was so sweet and informative. The place was clean. My results are amazing!

Kimberley June 8, 2018

Amazing! First time there and the entire experience, from start to finish was great. Clean, nice, professional and friendly.

Tine May 29. 2019

The staff were so kind I recommend this place to anyone who's interested in eyelash lift and tint they did an awesome job on my lashes ... definitely getting my microblading and teeth whitening done here as well thank you guys

Jenny May 31, 2019

Lash Lifting & Tinting

Is this safe for my lashes?
This is a healthy alternative to eyelash extensions or fake lashes Hypoallergenic and enriches your lashes with keratin vitamins.
How long will my lash lift last?
Your procedure should last anywhere between 8-12 weeks, however, every client’s results can slightly vary.

*We encourage our clients to come back 12 weeks after your original lash lift appointment in order to maintain your lifted lashes and keep your fresh-faced look!
What's the difference between a session & a treatment plan?
After a session, it looks like you have a really great mascara on, even when you go into the water you can rub your eyes, wear makeup, and your natural lashes aren’t impacted. A Lash Lift can last 8-12 weeks but can vary from person to person.

All the hairs have now been shaped to be lifted and as they shed naturally, a straight one will grow in behind it. Some people need them sooner, some need them longer it just depends on the lash cycle.

Our Treatment Plan consists of 3 sessions, you can come back after the 12th week for another session and come back again after the 12th week of the 2nd session.
Who is a good candidate for for a lash lift & tint?
Eyelash Lift & Tint IS NOT suitable for clients that:
  • Are pregnant.
  • Have very few natural eyelashes or have none. The gaps will be more pronounced
  • Have pre-existing eye(lid) ailments such as chronic dry eye, blepharitis, conjunctivitis and ocular rosacea
  • Lasik surgery (wait at least 6 months from your procedure)
  • Have Trichotillomania (habitual plucking or twirling hair, eyebrows and eyelashes)
  • Have extremely delicate eyes or allergies (advised to schedule an appointment for a patch test)
  • Undergoing chemo treatments or have had chemo treatments within the past year (suggested to discuss it with your physician)
Will the lash lift damage my natural lashes?
Big fat NO! Vanity Laser has properly trained and skilled specialists to ensure proper lash lift procedures are followed.
What is the after care like?
Keeping your lashes lifted & beautiful after your procedure​​ is very simple, yet highly important in order to achieve maximum results! What do I do after a lash lift?

  • Keep your lashes completely dry and avoid touching them for 24 – 4​8 hours​. This will ensure that your newly lifted and tinted lashes will keep their shape and color.
  • Eye makeup should be minimal to none during the first 48 hours.
  • Avoid swimming, or washing/showering close to your eye area.
How long should I get a lash lift or tint?
A lash lift will start to naturally fall after 2 months following their natural look. Don’t worry, they should drop fairly. You can return for another treatment after one month if you feel you need to, or when they are back to their natural state.
Can I wear mascara on my lash extensions?
Absolutely, yes! But give it at least 24 hours after your treatment. You may notice that there is no need for mascara anyway. If you want to make your lashes even fuller, a non-waterproof mascara is recommended as the elimination of waterproof mascaras can be harsh on the lashes and weaken the lift.


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